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Books I’ve Read Recently, Part 1

Well, I apologize everyone. I’ve been busy the last week and a half – mostly working, traveling, working, attempting to cook, sleeping, working and – well I played Ultimate Frisbee once this week. That was fun.

One thing I attempt to do every summer is read, and read like crazy. During school years, I can maybe read one book a month, if that. But I can usually knock out 12 books and up during summers when I’m just traveling or working, and not really socializing.

Not so much this summer. In Ghana, I did read or finish three books, and here they are:

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‘Attaboy, Steve

I said this in a recent Twitter post, but if I’ve ever been materialistic for anything in my life, it’s an iPhone 4. I’ve even gone so far as to enter every single @dealsplus iPhone 4 contest, hoping and praying and wanting and wishing that I could win this:

iPhone 4

Because right now, all I have is this tasty nugget:

What Moses used to prank call Pharoah

Anyways, I love the iPhone and wish I had one. On the other hand, a recent column by my favorite columnist Nick Kristof shed a light on so-called “conflict minerals”: minerals like tantalum, tungsten, tin and gold that are used to make electrical capacitors and other parts that go into phones, computers and gaming devices. The catch is these minerals often come from places like the Congo and the selling of these minerals helps finance the brutal war that goes on there. A Mac/PC video spoof linked on Kristof’s blog helps shed a little more light on the issue.
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