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Back To The Start

Check out this video (an ad for Chipotle), for a couple of good reasons.

1. The music is excellent and interesting: a Willie Nelson cover of a Coldplay song (“The Scientist”).
2. The stop-motion animation is ridiculously awesome.
3. It has a great, though controversial, message about modern agriculture, organic food and sustainability.

Detractors (according to my quick scan of YouTube comments) say this is not an accurate description of our modern agriculture system. But, according to my viewings of numerous documentaries on the subject like Food Inc. and The Future of Food, the video seems to get it pretty spot on (though no one is claiming that perfectly round pigs actually get crushed into perfect cubes…oh wait.)

What do you think? Does eating organic matter? Or is it all a load of crock?



MY Awesome of the Day:

There is an initiative, called the Let’s Colour Project, that seeks to turn grey into color in boring spaces around the world. Pretty cool in and of itself, but even cooler is the video. It has two things going for it:
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I Am From Holland. Isn’t That Weird?

Happy Fourth!!!!!!

Yes, I know it’s early, but I probably won’t blog for a couple of days. Plus I’m just always full of nationalistic spirit (sarcasm).

I celebrated America’s birthday today by watching other countries play a foreign sport in the World Cup, which takes place on another continent and America got kicked out of. U. S. A.!!!! U. S. A.!!!!!

While I was celebrating the Netherlands’ win (viva la Kooi’s!!!!!) and lamenting Ghana’s loss (sorry, Village of Hope….), I found the full-length Nike World Cup ad online. It is epic. I’d seen the smaller 30-second bits occasionally, but not this entire thing. Watch it. It’ll give you goosebumps.
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