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I Must Be Dreaming – Rick Steves Is Coming

Yes, it’s true. As Oklahoma Christian University‘s Twitter guru Ann White tweeted earlier today, everyone’s favorite Europe expert, guidebook writer, NPR and PBS travel host and slightly nerdy Birkenstock-wearer Rick Steves will be speaking at my humble alma mater in the spring.

To people like me, whose number one goal in life is to travel and travel far, who still dream of being a travel writer and who have never dared to venture onto the European continent without one of his guidebooks in tow, Steves is a god. It helps that my parents are also Rick Steves fanatics and own pretty much all of his travel show DVDs. Plus, this man’s writings on subjects besides travel (like politics) are all also excellent (like “Travel as a Political Act”, which I read a couple of weeks ago and will write a review about soon).

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The Best Show On TV

I am currently watching what may be my favorite show, ever. No, not Shark Week, and not Lost or To Catch A Predator (although I recently discovered that nothing is as awesome or awkward as a Caught Predator).

No, it’s a show known only to a few, because it’s really obscure. But it’s great. The host is funny, talented and edgy. It is a travel show, a food show and a reality show. It’s just darn awesome.

It’s No Reservations on the Travel Channel.
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