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Vienna Video Blog 2

Here’s our newest video blog, detailing our lives here in Vienna from February until now.

Here is our joint Vienna blog as detailed in the video. And here is our first video blog, from last year.


Vienna Video Blog 1

So I live in Vienna, Austria now. You can read about that here (as well as here). I made a video talking about our first couple of weeks. Here it is.

FYI I’ve been shooting all of this on my iPhone 4S. I still haven’t quite learned how to master it as my primary video camera, hence why shots are sometimes shaky and whatnot. Hopefully this will get better in the future. Also, I’m looking for suggestions for a good lapel mic that would work with iPhone. Anything?

My Morning Jacket Rocks My World (So Does Delta Spirit)

I took Holly to a concert at Tulsa’s historic Brady Theater on Tuesday as her Christmas present (it still counts even if I also really wanted to go). The lineup: sunny, Californian rock/folk ensemble Delta Spirit and Southern roots/prog rock group My Morning Jacket. Both excellent in their own ways.

By getting there early enough we were able to snag a couple of standing positions in the second row, giving me some good opportunities to film a couple of songs. There were still one large Andre the Giant and one sexy-dancing, arm-waving girl who would sometimes get in my way, but they’re still pretty decent videos that manage to capture the spectacle that is MMJ.

Delta Spirit

Delta Spirit

I can only describe Delta Spirit as a rock group from California – always sunny, always happy. They bang on trashcan lids and huge bass drums. Their guitar crescendoes have you jumping. Their album is called “Ode to Sunshine”, for cryin’ out loud. But my favorite song of theirs is probably their most quiet, yet their most lyrically moving – their version of a protest song. Check it out below, followed by their Take Away Show version. I could listen to/watch that video all day, every day.

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The Uncertainty of Travel

As someone deeply interested in travel and the philosophy behind it, I am constantly scouring the internet for people who travel for a living and who have the same frame of mind as I do. My most recent discovery is Andrew Evans of National Geographic Traveler and the popular “Where’s Andrew” Twitter. Follow this Twitter. He seems to be always traveling and constantly updating his followers with pictures and video. Sometimes he’ll just tweet clues about where he is, trying to get you to guess, a la Carmen Sandiego.

Anyways, he posted a video the other day of his recent TED talk in Budapest, where he talks about the uncertainty of travel – how unplanned trips are usually more fulfilling than minutely laid-out itineraries. It’s awesome, and I agree with every word. See if you do too.

Also, this bus trip down the Pan-American Highway down to Antarctica is, like, my dream trip. Maybe after I get back from Vienna?

Rick Perry Is Pretty Eloquent

As Derek Webb said, this video is not a political statement. It’s just plain hysterical.


“If You Want To Humble An Empire…”

I’m not going to pontificate on September 11 here – I think there was plenty of that over this weekend. Instead, I’m just pointing everyone to two related links I think are poignant and do the day justice.

1. Nancy Gibbs, who wrote the amazing TIME piece just days after the attack, describes how it came together.

2. The New York Times released this series of tapes from air traffic controllers and emergency responders before, during and after the attacks. They’re a very moving inside look at exactly how it all went down.

P.S. Also, if you get a chance, pick up TIME’s special edition for the 10-year anniversary. It’s very good, as always.