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Vienna Video Blog 1

So I live in Vienna, Austria now. You can read about that here (as well as here). I made a video talking about our first couple of weeks. Here it is.

FYI I’ve been shooting all of this on my iPhone 4S. I still haven’t quite learned how to master it as my primary video camera, hence why shots are sometimes shaky and whatnot. Hopefully this will get better in the future. Also, I’m looking for suggestions for a good lapel mic that would work with iPhone. Anything?


We Are Wieners

That’s right, folks. Next summer, Holly and I will be moving to Vienna, Austria, as part of the HIM program, a joint mission effort between Oklahoma Christian University and Memorial Road Church of Christ. We are signed up for a two-year commitment, meaning we will be living in Europe until (at least) 2014.

We are obviously very excited. We’ve always entertained the thought of doing mission work, but it never felt like the right time. But when this opportunity presented itself, we both had the same feeling: this is it. This is what we’re supposed to do for the next two years of our lives. And now we’re doing it.


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A Tour Of My Office

Here, we have my office at Gooden Group Public Relations. I’m very proud of my office, because at my summer internship, I didn’t have an office. I didn’t even have a desk. I just sat at the desk of whoever was out for the day. And sometimes I sat in the conference room.
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Alright, Alright. I Take It Back.

Alright, I’m a hypocrite.

Yes, I got engaged. So sue me. Better yet, come to my wedding and give me a present.

No, I was never against marriage. Far from it. I was just mocking the matrimonial culture of our times, in the area I happen to live in and at the school I happened to attend. But here I am, caught up in it after all. Not that I mind. I’m extremely happy, actually. And when it’s happening to you, it doesn’t feel like you’re acting as part of a trend. It feels original, you know? Even though I saw every other couple in the 405 getting hitched, I was still acting on my own accord. I guess that’s how it is. I now retract my previous statements, because getting engaged definitely is the right thing to do.
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Today I got to interview the owners of Insight Creative Group, here in OKC. A lot of my friends from college and high school work there, like Jonathan Hord, Kathryn Clark, Tim Krause and Chelsi Lecrone. It’s for a piece that the Journal Record does weekly about creativity in business. And let me say, ICG is a pretty creative place. The inside is all orange. There are random street items lounging about, like a metal trashcan or a parking meter. And the kicker: their meeting space is a ball pit, with huge beanbags for everybody to kick back in. How cool is that? I wish all corporations had ball pits. Read more