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We definitely need anti-Intellectual Property theft legislation. Just not this legislation.

See where your members of Congress stand on SOPA, and contact them.


Rick Perry Is Pretty Eloquent

As Derek Webb said, this video is not a political statement. It’s just plain hysterical.


Go Gaga!

Alright – I’ve said a lot of things about Lady Gaga. I’ll admit it: she confuses me. I have no idea how she became so popular with a style of music I thought died after Y2K, and with on-stage antics that rival Ozzie Osborne. But I also admit, I must be wrong. Thousands of people like her, for some reason or another. And it’s a bit hypocritical of me to critique her crazy costumes, when I’m going to see a musician who dresses up like a bird.
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How Not To Run A Country

Interesting. Wyclef Jean, a Haitian-American hip-hop artist who I’ve listened to less than Justin Bieber, wants to run for president of Haiti.

So, Wyclef, if that is your real name. Pulling the old Arnold Schwarzenegger/Jesse Ventura/Stormy Daniels routine, eh? Running for a political office using your celebrity status? Just because you were born in that country doesn’t mean you are fit to run it. Let’s ask the Austrians if they would want Schwarzenegger for their president (doubt it, not if they want to go bankrupt like California).

Here’s some other foreign celebrities who would definitely not be fit to run their home country:
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Smells Like Politics, Two

So from my last unofficial poll, the results for who you would vote for in the Oklahoma gubernatorial race was: two votes for Jari Askins. I expect a landslide win.

In an effort to actually get some information, I’m posting an official poll here. Now, I’m also working on a story at the Journal Record about how these different campaigns are using social media. So, please, answer these questions. I may be able to use some of this research in some way.
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Smells Like Politics

For those of you who know or care (all 7 of you), primary elections are coming up in Oklahoma for governor (plus a whole bunch of other races). There are basically four major candidates, soon to be two. Now, you all probably know who I’m NOT going to vote for: anyone endorsed by Sarah Palin or the Tea Party. As for the other two – I’ve been following both our Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor for a while now, and I still can’t decide. Mostly because I still haven’t seen any hard facts about what they will do for our state (no, I haven’t been to any of their rallies, but I’ve watched videos on their websites, I follow their Twitters, and I’ve done my fair share of research. Also, my claim about no hard facts is true for all four candidates, in my opinion.)

That’s my take on the race, at the moment. But what do you guys think? I want to do a small poll, if I can (I’m not sure if I have enough followers, but hey, here goes). If you follow state politics at all, who are you going to vote for?
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