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My Top 8 OKC Experiences

A couple of weeks ago I did a post called “My Top 6 Oklahoma Experiences”, relating my favorite places I’ve been to around Oklahoma but not including the Oklahoma City metro. This fills in those gaps.

1. Oklahoma State Fair

It’s impossible to not have fun here, even though most all the attractions are hokey/lame/cringe-inducing. When you’re in that intoxicating atmosphere of neon and grease, you throw inhibitions aside. Deep-fried Oreo? Why not? Creaky version of an only somewhat legitimate ride? Let’s do it! Has-been bands performing? There is no other place I would ever dream of watching Boyz II Men, Hanson, or (this year’s main act) the Village People, and actually love it while it’s happening.

This year’s fair is going on now until September 25, and tickets are cheap. If you haven’t experienced this, um, experience, make sure to do so this year. Also, for a different take on the State Fair, check out this obscure, local social blog.

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Louie, Louie – Impressions of St. Louis

A day and a half is no way to experience any city, let alone a great one like St. Louis. But, ignoring all common sense and urges to sleep, we did it anyway during a whirlwind Labor Day weekend.

My perceptions of St. Louis before: a Midwestern town, slightly boring, not that beautiful. Also: baseball, beer and an overly grandiose and somewhat unnecessary Arch.

My perceptions now: well, the baseball, beer and Arch are obviously still there, but it turns out St. Louis isn’t boring at all. Nor is it ugly. It is rolling and green, with more parks and hills and lakes than Oklahoma City could ever hope to have. Its history is fascinating, from the 1904 Worlds Fair to the second-winningest baseball team in history to an entire area of the city being molded and shaped by two German immigrants with a beer company.

St. Louis World's Fair

St. Louis World's Fair

St. Louis is distinctly Midwestern yet once had all the class of New York or Chicago, and it still shows in the architecture and neighborhoods. At one time, St. Louis was actually the U.S.’ fourth largest city. Its heyday was at the turn of the last century when almost 20,000,000 people visited the 1904 World’s Fair, and remnants of that major event (the St. Louis Art Museum and the 1904 Flight Cage at the St. Louis Zoo, for example), still dot the cityscape.

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I Am From Holland. Isn’t That Weird?

Happy Fourth!!!!!!

Yes, I know it’s early, but I probably won’t blog for a couple of days. Plus I’m just always full of nationalistic spirit (sarcasm).

I celebrated America’s birthday today by watching other countries play a foreign sport in the World Cup, which takes place on another continent and America got kicked out of. U. S. A.!!!! U. S. A.!!!!!

While I was celebrating the Netherlands’ win (viva la Kooi’s!!!!!) and lamenting Ghana’s loss (sorry, Village of Hope….), I found the full-length Nike World Cup ad online. It is epic. I’d seen the smaller 30-second bits occasionally, but not this entire thing. Watch it. It’ll give you goosebumps.
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